Adhesion Promoters & Thinners

Adhesion Promoters & Thinners for Photodefineable and Non-Photodefineable Products

Adhesion promoters are required for all non-photodefinable products (except for PI-2574).

Photodefinable products have built-in adhesion promoters but adhesion can be enhanced with the use of these adhesion promoters.

Experimental results indicate that only a monomolecular layer is needed to promote adhesion. These results indicate that a Si-O bond is formed with the substrate. Adhesion results are sensitive to the number of bonding sites on the substrate surface. For example, adhesion to silicon dioxide is typically superior to adhesion on silicon nitride. These promoters are not effective with substrates that do not form any native oxide.

Adhesion Promoters 
This material is a concentrate and must be diluted to 0.1% in DI water before use. The concentrate has up to a two year shelf life if stored tightly sealed but the water dilution is good for only 24 hours.

This material is a 0.1% solution of VM-651 in an organic solvent. It is ready to use out of the bottle but has a six month shelf life from date of manufacture.

Filtered and certified solvent blend. This should be used to thin other products to very thin film thickness. Do not use for HD-8XXX products.