About HD Microsystems



Founded in 1997, HD MicroSystems (HDM) is a 50-50 joint venture of Showa Denko K.K. and DuPont.  HD MicroSystems is the world’s largest supplier of polyimide and PBO precursor chemistries specifically engineered for microelectronic applications. Applied and cured by our customers, these materials transform in to polyimide and PBO films with unique end use properties. HDM's product line is broad, consisting of photosensitive coatings, standard non-photosensitive coatings, high temperature adhesives, optically clear coatings and a full line of complementary ancillary products.


The mission of HD MicroSystems is to serve the needs of the microelectronics industry by developing innovative materials, producing them to high quality standards and reliably supplying them to our customers enabling them to realize new technologies, lower process costs and more reliable end products. 

Organization & Facilities

HD MicroSystems has sales offices located in Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.  Complementary manufacturing sites are located in Hitachi City, Japan and Parlin, NJ, USA. 

Research & Development

HD MicroSystems invests a large portion of its resources in to focused research and development of photodefinable polyimides and PBO precursor chemistries including high-resolution, aqueous developing products which are more environmentally friendly and new low cure temperature materials to reduce stress and thermal budgets.  Other areas of product development are optically clear materials and high temperature adhesives, both temporary and permanent.

Technical Services

With its extensive laboratory facilities and technical service centers in Japan and the U.S., HD MicroSystems is well-positioned to service the growing microelectronics industry. By offering numerous analytical capabilities and regional technical support, the company achieves superior customer service and on-site process development and diagnosis for its customers.