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Developers & Rinses for Photosensitive Polyimides

HD MicroSystems™ produces solvent based, ancillary products for its line of negative tone photosensitive polyimides. This includes the HD4100 Series products. Typical use is a 20:1 ratio of developer to polyimide (for example, a 250g bottle of HD4100 will require about one gallon of developer). Requirements for rinse are about a 10:1 ratio.

All ancillary products are filtered to 0.2µm and tested for metal impurities, typically well below 500ppb.



Based on gamma butyrolactone (BLO) this developer is more aggressive to develop faster but may not exhibit the process latitude of the PA401D.  

The standard developer for the HD4000 Series products. Based on cyclopentanone (CPO) it offers an evenly controlled develop rate and can be used as an edge bead remover, as well.



The preferred rinse is based on PGMEA. 

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HD Microsystems offers a broad line of photodefinable or standard (non-photodefinable) products and ancillaries.

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HD MicroSystems™ adhesion promoters improve the adhesion of polyimide coatings to substrates such as silicon dioxide or silicon nitride coated wafers. The thinner is used to reduce viscosity and solids content to obtain desired film thicknesses.