PI2600 Series

PI2600 Series Non-photodefineable, dry etch

The rigid rod polyimide structure of cured PI2600 products exhibits a desirable combination of film properties such as:

  • Low stress
  • Low CTE
  • Low moisture uptake
  • High modulus
  • Good ductility for microelectronic applications

Their CTE of 3ppm/C match that of silicon.

These properties are ideally suited as a dielectric layer for most semiconductor and MCM-D applications or wherever thick films or stacked layers of metallization are required. Patterning is typically done by dry etch or laser ablation techniques.

These materials are also used on fiber optic and quartz capillary coatings and in multiple MEMs applications.

  • PI2610 – Cured Film, thickness 1 – 2.5µm
  • PI2611 – Cured Film, thickness 3 – 9µm

Note: These materials require the use of an adhesion promoter.


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Adhesion promoters are required for all non-photodefinable products (except for PI-2574).