HD4100 Series

HD4100 SERIES Photodefineable, negative, solvent

HD4100 Series product are becoming the industry standard for packaging and redistribution layers. It is the process of record for C-4 material or it can be simply used as an extremely robust stress buffer / passivation layer.

These films have high Tg and excellent mechanical properties to survive the thermal and chemical exposures of post application processing, excellent elongation to prevent cracking, good adhesion, smooth sloping via sidewalls and compatibility with copper (no copper migration).

  • HD4100 – Cured Film, thickness 4-13µm
  • HD4104 – Cured Film, thickness 3 - 8 µm (formulated for 300mm)
  • HD4110 – Cured Film, thickness 8 – 20µm

Note: Solvent Negative requires developer and rinse ancillary products. Typical use is 20:1 ratio, developer to polyimide.


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HD MicroSystems™ produces solvent based, developers and rinses for its line of negative tone photosensitive polyimides