HD 4100 series

HD4100 series are solvent developable Nega-tone type Polyimide precursor.


Industrial standard Nega-tone polyimide

HD4100 series is a negative type polyimide precursor released in 2004. Currently, this series is widely used in IC packages for logic applications, power semiconductors, and so on.

HD4100 series cover your structural design thicker film to thinner film.

HD4100 series have 3 different viscosity. Depends on your request and structure design, we can provide suitable viscosity product. It is possible to form a film thickness of 3 μm to 20 μm.

HD4100 series have high heat-resistance.

HD4100 series have high thermal resistance, which is a characteristic of polyimide. This series show high Tg and have resistance to environments of 200-350°C after forming a cured film.

High Adhesion.

HD4100 series show high adhesion to Si, SiO2, SiN, Al, Cu and Ti. Even after 500hrs of PCT (a kind of accelerated test), no delamination occurs in the cross-cut test.

Product features

High Reliability Nega-tone Polyimide

Negative-tone Photodefinable Polyimide polyimide
Cure temperature
2-20 μm
NMP free
Resolution (5 µmt)
5 um
3.5 GPa
Tensile strength
200 MPa
320 ℃
410-480 ℃
Stress buffer/Redistribution layer


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Redistribution layer

In mobile devices, etc., represented by smartphones and wearables, solder or copper bump bonding technology and multi-layer interconnection technology are utilized to increase packaging density. In this application, our products with high resolution and compatibility with dissimilar materials enable smaller devices and higher reliability. In this field, we have been releasing environment-friendly products that are compatible with even devices with structures or characteristics that limit process temperature, thereby contributing to progress in PKG processes.

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Stress buffer layer

We provide polyimide coating products that satisfy a wide variety of process conditions and physical property requirements and are environment-friendly to cover the circuit boards of various devices ranging from advanced node devices to industrial high-power devices. Our polyimide film, serving as a stress buffer, is approximately 3 to 10 μm thick and protects wiring and inorganic insulating layers from the stress of mounting work and temperature changes to ensure reliability.

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