PI2500 Series

PI2525, PI2555, PI2574 Non-photodefineable, dry etch

These polyimides are suitable for applications where the high cure temperatures typically used for polyimides (350°C) cause problems. These polyimides imidize faster and at lower temperatures (200°C) than standard polyimide precursors.


  • Rapid, Low temp cure

Applications Include:

  • Inner layer dielectric
  • Stress buffer
  • Fiber coating

Typical applications for these materials are as stress buffer or interlayer dielectric layers over low temperature substrates. They are also effective for fiber optic and quartz capillary coatings on glass drawing lines due to their rapid cure rate.

  • PI2525 – Cured Film, thickness 5 – 13µm
  • PI2555 – Cured Film, thickness 2 – 4 µm
  • PI2574 – Cured Film, thickness 5 – 13µm. This material has a built in adhesion promoter.

Note: These materials (except for PI2574) require the use of an adhesion promoter.


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Adhesion promoters are required for all non-photodefinable products (except for PI-2574).