PI2545 Wet Etch

PI2545 Non-photodefinable, Wet Etch

These products are established, high temperature polyimide coating which has been used for a variety of microelectronics applications such as an interlayer dielectric layer, secondary passivation layer or in advanced packaging for flip chip attachment.

Cured films have exceptional thermal stability and ductility along with excellent resistance to wet and dry-etch processing chemicals.

Application is by spin coating. Patterning is typically done in conjunction with positive photoresist, using a "wet etch" process on standard coater tracks.

  • PI2545 – Cured Film, thickness 1.5 –3µm

NOTE: These materials require the use of an adhesion promoter.


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Adhesion promoters are required for all non-photodefinable products (except for PI-2574).