PI 2600 series

The PI2600 series is a non-photosensitive polyimide precursor that forms a resin film with a high modulus and low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CTE) to form a very rigid polyimide after curing.


Compatible with dry etching process

Although the PI2600 series is a non-photosensitive polyimide, it can be patterned by dry etching or laser ablation using a resist coat material.

Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CTE) close to inorganic films

PI2600 series shows an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion compared to general polyimide. It shows a thermal expansion coefficient of 5-9ppm/°C under standard conditions, which is equivalent to that of an inorganic film.

High Modulus

PI2600 series is a polyimide that incorporates an extremely rigid structure, and shows an modulus of 7.0-9.4 GPa when formed under standard conditions.

High heat resistance

PI2600 serie has high heat resistance. It is designed so that the glass transition temperature reaches 380℃ after forming the cured film, making it suitable for high temperature environments.

Product features

ultra low stress non-Photosensitive Polyimide

non-photosensitive polyimide
Cure temperature
1.5-15 μm
NMP free
Resolution (5 µmt)
7.0-9.4 GPa
Tensile strength
700 MPa
400 ℃
580-610 ℃
Stress buffer


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Stress buffer layer

We provide polyimide coating products that satisfy a wide variety of process conditions and physical property requirements and are environment-friendly to cover the circuit boards of various devices ranging from advanced node devices to industrial high-power devices. Our polyimide film, serving as a stress buffer, is approximately 3 to 10 μm thick and protects wiring and inorganic insulating layers from the stress of mounting work and temperature changes to ensure reliability.

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